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Ainaloa Community Association Board President a VOLUNTEER position to serve my community.

Aloha my name is Keoni Kealoha Alvarez from the island of Hawaiʻi, Puna. My family and I have been residents in Ainaloa Subdivision for over 34 years. I am native Hawaiian and a Hawaiian descendant recognized to ancient Hawaiian burials in the ahupuaʻa of Waikahekahe Iki known today as Ainaloa Subdivision. I would like to take the time out for your support of my campaign running for Ainaloa Community Association board of director and president. Your kind words in person and on social media really means alot to me. My goal is to run for a board seat but not only that to be the President of the Association. The position to be the PRESIDENT is a non-paid position to volunteer to serve our community. I believe I am qualified  to be the President of Ainaloa Community Association.

 I received many government letters and commendation awards from government officials of the films I produced. I continue to collaborate and network with people from all over the world. I am a Hawaiian producer and film director right here in Hawaiʻi. Over 20 years I worked on different networks KGMB news, Spectrum Sports, PBS Hawaiʻi and International, MTV, National Geographic, History Channel and ʻOlelo Community Media etc.

 My current film KAPU ʻSacred "Hawaiian Burials' has been selected to be in the Hawaii international film festival. In addition to that my film has been broadcasted on PBS which reaches across the country to over 4 million views. This film is very Important to Hawaii. It shares the sacredness of how important our ancient Hawaiian ancestors are to our people and for the future generation of Hawaiʻi. Within my film career I had the opportunity to work on Norwegian Cruise Line International ships as chairman and Broadcast technician. As a chairman my duties were to oversee 2000 employees from a diverse 26 countries around the world. I was elected as chairman by the captain, staff captain and human resources of Norwegian Cruise Line. It was a great experience for me working on an international ship collaborating with different nationalities from around the world.

 Soon after I came back to Hawaii and returned to my roots of Waikahekahe iki also known as Ainaloa Subdivision. I really feel it is very important for me to give back to my community of the things I learned from around the world. I am there only Hawaiian legally recognized by The State Historic Preservation Department, The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) & Hawaiʻi Island Burial Council as the descendant to this aina of Ainaloa (land). The kuleana or responsibility that I take on it is very important and I take it very seriously of the importance of taking care of, protecting and preserving our ancestors' burials.



I hope the skills I have listed above will help you to draw a conclusion to vote for me Keoni Kealoha Alvarez as the next President of Ainaloa Community Association. I am very dedicated and hard working and committed to the project. I want to make sure that my home place and my roots will continue to be a beautiful and special place in Hawaii to live and enjoy.



Assistant Director

Corinne Makahilahila

Work Experience: Corinne Makahilahila is a director, writer and producer with a passion for telling human interest stories that inspire people and have the potential to create change. As a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in narrative filmmaking and won the “Grace Award” for capturing the essence of a woman’s spirit through film. She currently lives in Hawaii where she actively makes documentary films and teaches media at a community television station. Her passion for making films is accompanied by her love of the ocean and learning more about marine life. Her newest documentaries will feature the connection between humanity, the ocean and the life that resides beneath the waves.


Assistant Director

Corinne Makahilahila

Work Experience: Corinne Makahilahila is a director, writer and producer with a passion for telling human interest stories that inspire people and have the potential to create change. As a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in narrative filmmaking and won the “Grace Award” for capturing the essence of a woman’s spirit through film. She currently lives in Hawaii where she actively makes documentary films and teaches media at a community television station. Her passion for making films is accompanied by her love of the ocean and learning more about marine life. Her newest documentaries will feature the connection between humanity, the ocean and the life that resides beneath the waves.


Grant Writer

Marge Streb

Work Experience: Marge Streb filmmaker was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. After graduating in 2013 from the University of North Carolina Wilmington's Film Studies program, she began working as a Production Assistant on various motion pictures and television shows in New York City. Marge has experience in editing, producing, operating camera, and directing. Currently working as a Media Center Manager at 'Olelo Community Media on the island of O'ahu.



Laura Taylor

Work Experience: Laura is a proud graduate of Columbia University with a degree in comparative literature and psychology. While performing professionally in New York City and abroad, she worked as an independent educational consultant and private tutor in writing, college readiness, English as a Second Language instruction, and test prep. For the past few years, Laura has continued to tutor clients privately, while also teaching full time and developing the curriculum for the writing program at Manhattan Center High School. Laura is certified as an English Language Arts instructor with the NYC Teaching Fellows and Department of Education and is pursuing her master’s at Relay Graduate School of Education.


Public Relations

Jennifer Chung

Work Experience: Jennifer Chung is a freelance photographer living in Honolulu, HI, since 2004. Jennifer is also producer with Ōlelo Community Media. She received her B.S. degree in Political Science from the University of Central Florida.


Jennifer’s photographs have been selected in local juried exhibitions and photo contest. In addition her images have been published in a local magazine and community newspaper and on display at local galleries and museum.


Hawaiian Cultural Advisor

Palikapu Dedman

Work Experience: Palikapu Dedman is a Hawaiian man which organized a protest against the largest mass burial desecration in Hawaii’s history. This burial ground is the most important historical site at Kapalua, Maui. The site was unearthed when digging began for the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kapalua. When the importance of the discovery was realized, the hotel was moved inland. The area, which contains over 900 ancient Hawaiian burial sites dating between 610 and 1800, has been recognized as a sacred site.

This burial ground started a movement of thousands of Hawaiians protest to protect burials which Palikapu major influence to enforce the Hawaiian burial laws. He is recognized and respected in the Hawaiian community for his knowledge and activism to protect Hawaii’s culture, land and natural resources.


Hawaiian Cultural Advisor

Pililani Ka'awaloa

Work Experience: Work Experience: A native Cultural Practioner of Kupahu'a Puna. Raised in the traditional Hawaiian style. Hanai at birth by my mother's parents, living off the land and the sea. Gifted with my grandparents's knowledge of life, arts and crafts, spirituality, protocol and traditions. Educated at Pahoa High and Elementary School 1982, University of Hawai'i at Hilo 1987 B.A. Hawaiian Studies, A.A. Liberal Studies, 1994 Education Teaching Certification. Proprietor of Paia'a'ala Productions. Educator at Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i High School. President of Kalapana Community Organization, Representative of the 'Aha Moku Advisory Council Puna District Hawaiʻi Island, DLNR. Member of the Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimea. Honorary Member: Leiana O Puna Religion: Reverend and Sunday School Teacher of Ka Mauloa O Ka Malamalama Ho'omana Na'auao. 


Director of Photography 

Wayne Yun

Work Experience: Wayne Yun has a diverse background in managerial and leadership experience including the retail, fashion, music, and multimedia industries. Having managed countless projects from conception to execution with a high level of detailed professionalism, he has forged partnerships with community leaders, government agencies, foreign dignitaries, and non-profits.


A culmination of experiences and global awareness in terms of current trends, music composition, and television production inspires Wayne to combine business with art in order to create unique outcomes. Wayne looks forward to the opportunity to share his inspirations and knowledge with you.



Jacob Roy 

Work Experience: Jacob’s mission is to inspire people to enrich their lives. He has been working independently as a videographer in Honolulu for the past 5 years, producing documentaries about ocean conservation and human issues. He just recently finished a series of short pieces about removing plastic from the pacific.


His work is often featured in art exhibits and conferences regarding topics ranging from sustainable tourism to food security. Jacob is often hired as an editor, director, or camera operator and is experienced with Premiere editing as well a wide variety of digital cameras.

Keoni and Mom Crop.jpg
Mom picture.jpg


Hair & Makeup

Aileen Alvarez

Work Experience: Aileen Alvarez has been taking pictures ever since childhood. Her Photography professionally has came much later on in her life and changed it forever. In the summer of 1999 her son, Keoni Alvarez, purchased a camera and asked her to take stilll photographs of behind the scenes on his film productions.


Ever since that day she learned the basics of photography and in doing so it opened a door to a whole new way of seeing and appreciating the world around her. Aileens photo's of the Hawaiian culture and nature’s beauty has captivated her viewers with a healing effect. Her portraits of people and Hawai'i landscapes has been displayed in many art shows in Hawai'i. Her art has been selected to be displayed in the Canon art gallery on the island of O'ahu.


Tas Roy 

Work Experience: Tasman is a versitile film maker with experience shooting documentaries, dramas, events, promos, and more.


He got his start making videos as way of sharing his experiences while serving as a US Marine. Since returning to civilian life, he has worked on projects in the US, Central America, and throughout the Pacific. 


 In 2019 he graduated from Massey University in Wellington, with a bachelors of creative media production. He is currently based in Oahu, Hawaii where he continues to work as a film maker and cinematographer. 

Jim and Susie Butts.jpg


Jim and Suzie Butts

Work Experience: Jim and Susie Butts have been in the film industry for many years. This husband and wife team have worked on numerous commercials, doucumentaries, feature films and sports events. 

Jim operates jibs 10-30 feet in hight which allowed him to film scenes for getting high shots, or shots which need to move a great distance horizontally or vertically. Jim is skilled in steady camera which mechanically isolates the operator's movement, allowing for a smooth shot, even when the camera moves over an irregular surface.

Donovan Photo.jpg


Donovan Smith

Work Experience: Professional mixing and recording engineer, systems integration designer, as well as a studio owner, for 40 years. Starting at the end of the golden years in the late 70's  working in analog world of music recording. Evolving with the industry and has always been an early adopter if digital tech. Some of the most successful clients include Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Easy-E, Arabian Prince, and Bone Thugs in Harmony. He is currently working on various Rock, POP, R & B and hip hop projects, movie and boroadcast TV, and All new media OTT streaming formats. 

Kimo Photo.jpg


Kimo Makahilahila

Work Experience: Kimo Makahilahila has been a part of the media and film industry for over 10 years. He has

focused mostly on cinematography and sound and has done both sound editing and audio operator for many shoots. His next projects will include working on a cartoon with his wife and assisting in the sound design of multiple projects. Kimo is a team player and is an asset to any team.


Animation/Graphic Artist

Anne Fontanilla

Work Experience: Graduated from University of Hawai’i at Manoa with a bachelor’s degree in Animation and minor in Art. She has worked on animated short films and has won an award from Academy for Creative Media at UH Manoa. Besides animation, her other strong specialties are cosmetics and graphics. In production, her other focuses are narrative storytelling, editing and color correction.


I have great news KAPU "Sacred Hawaiian Burials" will have outdoor night public screening on Bishop Museum GRAND LAWN. Mahalo Bishop Museum for sponsoring, hosting and sharing my film to bring awareness the importance of protecting our iwi kupuna "Hawaiian ancestors burials".

In addition a live conversation and Questions and Answers with Keoni Alvarez, Palikapu Dedman and Clare Apana.


Presents KAPU "Sacred Hawaiian Burials

Keoni Control Room Crop 2.jpg


  1. Meet Before the Shoot.

  2. Set Up Before They Arrive.

  3. Meet Them at the Door.

  4. Make sure you have enough SD cards

  5. Make sure your batteries are charged

  6. Check your White Balance 

  7. Check your camera exposure settings 

  8. Make sure you have head phones for audio

  9. Use rule of thirds 

  10. Use a Stand-in to Set the Lights.

  11. Clarify Roles Before You Roll

  12. Record While They Rehearse

  13. Be Personable

  14. Be Attentive

  15. Feed your production crew on time

  16. Don’t Let Him See Himself on a Monitor

  17. Stick to Areas of Expertise

  18. Eliminate Distractions

  19. Keep Takes Short

  20. Always tell your talent and crew GREAT JOB!


  1. Preparing to make your first feature film is like preparing to have your first kid. You can read the books, take the classes, and learn to breathe, but when it comes time to deliver, you're never actually ready.

  2. There is no “I” in “theater”. There is no “I” in “team”. This is not a coincidence.

  3. Even though they may not appear in front of the camera, the director is one of the most important people on a film set. They do more than shout “action” and “cut” behind the scenes—they’re the person who determines the creative vision and makes all of the film’s biggest decisions. Learn more about what a director does during every step of the production process and get tips on how to break into the business if you’re an aspiring director.

  4. A director is a person who determines the creative vision of a feature film, television show, play, short film, or other production. They have complete artistic control of a project. In addition to having a strong grasp of technical knowledge taught in directing classes, they must also have a personal or emotional connection to the material.


Keoni and Cell Phone.jpg
Keoni in the library with Jim.jpg
Kapu Sacred Hawaiian Burials Documentary

Filmmaker Keoni Kealoha Alvarez makes

Hawaiian burials his mission in life

September 11, 2022

In the early 2000s, Keoni Kealoha Alvarez, then a fledgling filmmaker, was intrigued by ancient human remains that were discovered on the Big Island in Puna, at a site that had been targeted for a housing project.

Twenty years later, he’s become deeply invested in the issue of Native Hawaiian burial sites, writing three books on the subject and producing a documentary, “Kapu: Sacred Hawaiian Burials.”


“One of the kupuna actually put me on this journey, and at first it was to get to film about the subject, but then it became a passion project,” said Alvarez, who in the course of his research met with kupuna and government officials, studied archives at libraries and museums and visited burial sites on several islands. His film was screened at the recent Maui Film Festival. The Hawai‘i International Film Festival is also planning to screen the film in November, streaming it online as well as hosting it live in Hilo.

Me, mom & Becky (JPEG).jpg

Me and my mom

My mom and I attended the 42nd 

Hawaiʻi International Film Festival

Gala held at the Waikiki Halekulani



It was an awesome experience to be

at this event and very proud to

represent my culture and this

important film protecting our

Hawaiian ancestors burials from 


Hawaii Island Mayor Mitch Roth, my mom and I

Palace Theater Hawaiʻi Island Hilo

TN Coffee Talk.jpg



Keoni Kealoha Alvarez

RR3 BOX 1043

Pahoa HI, 96778​

Tel: 1 808-647-5278

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