KEONI alvarez presentation 

Presentation Materials 

Keoni Kealoha Alvarez 1 hour Power Point Presentation by   

2 hour Documentary Film KAPU Sacred Hawaiian Burials" directed by Keoni Kealoha Alvarez KAPU Book sale & signing written by Keoni Kealoha Alvarez  

30 minute Q and A (Keoni Alvarez and special guest)

* Keoni Alvarez presentation length could be adjusted due to need or event time schedule.

Presentation Event

10 audience  - or more

Requirement to host a presentation

TV monitor (indoor)

LCD Projector and Projector screen (indoor/outdoor

Sound System 

Facility/Outdoor location 



Off Island/Neighbor

Island accommodations





Monetary Donation

Monetary donation will fund Keoni Alvarez KAPU project efforts. The funds will be multi foldPreserving Keoni Alvarez historic burial properties and to educate to audiences around the world of the sacredness and history of Hawaiian burials.